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Odonata means ‘natures wealth’, we believe given the right conditions that you can heal and be well

OUR WELLBEING TEAM HAS MOVED…to our new and beautifully sunlit Cronulla seaside premises

2/25 Cronulla Street Cronulla

Near ANZ in mall, upstairs from “Ghanda clothing”

p. 9544 1041  e: admin@odonata.ccom.au

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Recharge through nature

Recharge through nature

BY Kylie Bernoth

Headaches, sleepiness, fatigue and a sense of feeling unwell are just some of the side effects of spending too long indoors. You thought it was just your job, right? Scientists are saying it’s all about ions, or, more specifically, negative ions. Ions are charged particles in the air; some are charged negatively, and some are charged positively. […]